All Human’s Burden

It ain’t enough to grieve
It ain’t enough to cry
Those salty waters
To measure the pain
That unsaid goodbye

Even these words
I’m writing right now
Ain’t enough to express
The anguish and fear
For the people I held dear

Is revenge the key?
Why do we kill?
Is violence the answer?
For this ‘hope’ you utter?

When you’ve robbed a kid his future
With the blood you said you didn’t start
What’s the difference, mate?
You’re the same, you spread hate

Can you even sleep then?
Can you even eat?
Can you even move?
Knowing what you did?
Does the dead haunt you?
I wish they did
Didn’t you even think
Even once, twice, of guilt?

Where is the love?
Where is the change?
What happened to humanity?
Aren’t we above money?

Aren’t we above the past?
Aren’t we above our problems?
Just because you were wronged
Why include the innocent?
Does that satisfy you in any way?
What kinda conscience we have today?!

Now I understand
How others felt
When they lost their homes,
Their families — hope
To something so petty
To something so useless
Just to feed someone’s ego
How fucking heartless

Or when you’ve been wronged
And they got away
Just because of some privilege —
Religion, gender, race
What are we, ancient?
Thinking some label
Makes someone above others?!
You speak big of justice
You don’t even practice
The hypocrisy is strong, friend
I can’t comprehend

And those others…
How easy for them
To say it’ll be alright
Time will heal you
Move on, you’ll be fine–
But they don’t understand!
Not unless they see
Or hear or feel
Worse, experience
They don’t understand…

I can never be fine
Not today, tomorrow
Or for a long time


First written September 3, 2016


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