The Sign

Tell her you love her
Tell him you love him
Take pride of that love
Of your feelings, of yourself

Speak up your opinions
Or what you truly feel
Keep it simple
Just keep it real

Forgive that person
Or ask for it yourself
Life is too short, friend,
Don’t waste it on revenge

Move on from her
Forget about him
The past is past
Your future’s coming fast

So stop hurting yourself then
With thoughts, actions or words
Stop clinging to pain
There’s a whole lot more to gain

Why don’t you go exercise next
Live healthy, love yourself
Here’s a sign to freedom
Step outta that shell you’re from

Now go buy that favourite book
Or game or shirt
Treat yourself sometimes
You deserve it all your life

Take the lead thereafter
Have the initiative
Get that job
Start aiming for the top

So do your homework now
Work on that project
Get out of your bed, and
Go make a difference instead



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