Open Letter: You are Beautiful

Dear Stranger,

I want to tell you something.
Did you know? You’re beautiful.
The curve of your lips when you smile.
The twinkle of your eyes when you laugh.
You are pretty beyond compare.
You are unique.

You don’t have to pretend
to be someone else.
I want you to realise yourself just how
Amazing you are as yourself
Regardless of what others said
You are beautiful.
You have a beautiful heart.
You have a beautiful mind.
You have your passion, your dreams.
Even your own chaos
They’re beautiful.
Just as you are

If you think even until now that
beauty for you is far too out of reach.
I’d say
No, it isn’t, stranger. Think again.
You are beautiful.
And don’t you dare let others tell you otherwise.
Don’t you dare let others make you feel otherwise.
More so don’t you dare let yourself think otherwise.

You are beautiful, stranger.
That door is open for you.
Choose it. Own it.



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