The Space Between

I hope my voice
Could reach you
7,000 miles
This space between
Is killing me inside
Distance. Time.
Two worlds apart
A heart that yearns
For something that cannot.

I hope this pen
Could travel distances
An ink that bridge
Our many differences
The east. The west.
Rise and fall.
If you’d only let me
I’d embrace it all

Let I knock on U
And fill this gap
Yet before I even could
You told me ‘stop’
I jumped with gravity
But you didn’t come
Not beside nor below
That space still intact

I guess that’s just me
After all
Me who thought
Me who hoped
A chance for us
To be whole
Pfft, what a joke! What a show.
You got your pride
I fell on black hole.

This space between U I
U and I, not even W E
A small line that divides
This make-believe forever
So little yet enough to
Keep us from together


**Featured image taken from Google Images.


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