The Middle Moon

Those demons haunted you.
Don’t think that I don’t understand.
Or that I don’t see.
Or hear.
The wolves howling in the dark.
The shadows dancing in the alley.
How nightmares associate themselves with you.
Even when you don’t want to.
Or mean to.
Those demons were not just yours.
They were of others.
From others.
Born from their selfishness.
But even when you knew, you took it as your own.
Because that’s just who you are.

You stood there quietly. Alone.
In the vast ocean of distant starlight.
Hoping that light was your own.
And when the day breaks, you try to fade away.
Hide beneath the clouds.
And there, you remained. Cold.
Seemingly forgotten.
You go through the morning obscured.
Conscious of the sudden brightness.
Just observing the smiles of people instead.
Wishing again that smile was your own.
Beneath the twinkle in your eyes is a distant sorrow.
If there even was a single twinkle.

You began to question your worth.
For you, you may not be enough.
For relying on something else to shine.
For the darkness associated with you.
But again, I tell you.
Don’t think I haven’t noticed.
And others like me.
Don’t think you are alone.
Or worthless.
How people like me look up to you.
And rely on you.
It’s okay to do that.
Don’t forget that.
Your glow just the right light.
The guiding light
Past the gloom of the woods.
How the tides rise up
By your pull.
The darkness just a passing umbra.

You are the moon. You are not the sun.
You don’t have to be.
You shine the brightest at night.
Even in the eclipse.
You are beautiful,




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